2017 in Review

For a lot of people, 2017 felt like a dumpster fire that wouldn’t go out. And while I, too, had some ups and downs, I have to be honest… 2017 wasn’t all that bad. At least, once I got over the constant news updates about whatever terrible thing was happening next in the world. Which are kind of hard to ignore when your job is all about the news.

It’s also been hard to tune out or fight back against all the misinformation about “the media,” my job and what I do, the things myself and my fellow journalists care about and strive for… the noise has become louder and louder. It can often feel disheartening and demoralizing. I’d encourage friends of mine who think the media is full of awful, biased people to consider reading more of their local news – it is out there! Talk to a journalist about what they do. Talk to me about what I do and why! I work in a newsroom full of hard-working, dedicated reporters and photographers, and I am proud to call them and so many more across this country friends and colleagues.

But, like I said, this year hasn’t been all bad. I traveled to incredible places, was surprised with some great trips to new destinations (Hawaii and Yucatan, Mexico!), spent time with my family in England, made it to my brother’s Masters graduation, saw my best friend get married, and finished my first photo story in ages as I covered the St. Paul Rodeo Queens. I attended my first conference in April when I went to Denver for The Image, Deconstructed, and I was blown away by the talent and the passion that I saw there. Michael and I photographed some beautiful weddings with really fun clients, including traveling to Boulder, Colorado, for our good friends Rob and Audrey (www.michaelcaryphotos.com). I witnessed – and photographed – a total solar eclipse and all of the frenzy that went with that.

Looking back on this year’s work, I don’t know if I can say I’ve made leaps and bounds from 2016. But I know that I do feel more confident and capable. I’ve also really upped my video skills, and finally tackled my fear of portrait lighting – though that’s still a work in progress, so you won’t see too much of it in here.

My goals for 2018 include (still) improving my lighting and video work, exercising more, cooking better meals at home, and blogging more (which I say every year, but, let’s be honest… with only two blogs, 2017 was not a great year for that).

Without further ado, here’s some scenes from the year, both personal and professional.





I’m going to end this post with a few personal moments. I didn’t get my camera out in my own life nearly as much as I would have liked, but sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the moment.

Bestof2017_MJS_034Mexico vacation January 2017 with Michael ArellanoMexico vacation January 2017 with Michael ArellanoMichael graduates with his master's degree on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.06032017_London_MJS_007Paris in 2017Paris in 2017Paris in 2017

Paris in 2017

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