Looking for layers

I hit a good stride on an assignment a few weeks back.

It was the first time in a while that I’d come back from a job feeling like I’d done something a little different and broken through a new wall.

I feel that I’ve made good improvements in the last year. A lot in the last six months. And definitely in the weeks since I started this internship. I can look back on my assignments my first week and see things I might have done differently and new angles I might like to explore.

As always, I’m looking to bring my work up another level. I find there are two types of work I am drawn to from other photographers: first are clean images with a graphic quality, and the second are those with more layers and complexity. I think I’m better at more graphic work than layers, so I want to work towards getting more of the second type worked into my style. To me that means learning to compose images with foregrounds and backgrounds that play off of each other, with each adding some unique information to the overall picture.

I experimented with this a little bit at a civil war reenactment in early July. I was trying to find ways to put the old and the new together, but it didn’t quite work out that way (except for one guy on an iPhone in a booth of tintype photographs). Instead I started seeing layers. Not all of these images work as well as I’d like them to – some feel more like framing devices than layers with new information – but I’m still happy with the set overall.

Salem Civil War re-enactment

Salem Civil War re-enactment

Salem Civil War re-enactment

Salem Civil War re-enactment

Salem Civil War re-enactment

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